[ iClone 7.3 NEW RELEASE ] Update Overview, Path Creating & Editing

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By Tony (RL) - Last Year
Dream Up Any Path Shape with Bezier Curve Handles

With the all new Bezier curve handles, designing an elaborate path shape is no longer a challenge. You can combine linear or curved segments to form a graphic pattern or even create a path that resemble your signature!

Bezier handles provide a fast and convenient way to edit the trangents of a path.

By Tony (RL) - Last Year
Unify & Break Tangents

Unify and Break Tangents are now available in the right-click context menu for the path in Edit Point mode.

By 4u2ges - Last Year
Thank you guys! There was indeed a major path enhancement which I do appreciate.

However, I am going back to my FT Issue 3710 (which has Released in IC7.3 status).

I stated 2 problems back then:

1. Follow path. It seems to be partially fixed. The object does not sync into the underling surface anymore. Big +. But it still tilts by the wrong axis as before, when it hits the curve.
2. Follow terrain. This one is not fixed at all. The problem persists. 

Please see freshly made video in IC 7.3, where both problems are clearly displayed:

By Tony (RL) - Last Year
Path Offset

Path Offsets supports translation, rotation and scale.  However only rotation and scale can be keyframed.

Move (Translation)


By Tony (RL) - Last Year
iClone Path Tutorial Videos

1. Getting Started with Motion Paths

  • Path Creation & Editing
  • Moving a Prop Along a Path
  • Bezier Curve Editing
  • Transform Editing in the Timeline

2. Applying Objects to a Path

  • Attaching Cameras to a Path
  • Having a Character Run Along a Path
  • Attaching Particle Effects to a Path
  • Attaching Lights to a Path

3. Bezier Curve Editing for Paths

  • Creating & Editing Multiple Paths
  • Path Curve Options
  • Animate & Refine Path Movement
By Tony (RL) - Last Year
Insert Control Point
  • Using Add Points on the path curve creates a new moveable control point.
  • Exit Add Points mode by pressing Esc or right-click (same method as Create Path).
By Tony (RL) - Last Year
Path Position & Offset Editing - UI Overview

For objects following a path, the Position and Offset parameter can be adjusted to deviate from the curve's trajectory.

1. Path Position
2. Path Offset


For the tutorial video, go here.
By justaviking - Last Year
Excellent post, Tony(RL).  Very clear and informative.

These are awesome "Path" enhancements.  Well done, Reallusion.
By Tony (RL) - Last Year
Reverse Path Direction

Swaps the head and tail of the path curve and any object constrained to this path will reverse directions.

By Tony (RL) - Last Year
Edit Multiple Control Points

Multiple selected control points on a path can be simultaneously moved, rotated, and scaled.  The pivot point is the averaged position of all the selected points.

By Tony (RL) - Last Year
Show & Hide Bezier Handles

Show and Hide Bezier Handles are now available in the right-click context menu for the path in Edit Point mode.

By georgeparker789 - Last Year
This is cool, and I am looking for the same in my favorite game.
By Tony (RL) - Last Year
All New Path Panel - UI Overview
  1. Create Path
  2. Edit Point: Editing Bezier TangentEdit Multiple Control PointsChange Path TypeUnify & Break TangentsShow & Hide Bezier Handles
  3. Add Points: Insert Control PointExtend Path
  4. Reverse Direction
  5. Pick Path to Merge

For the tutorial video, go here.
By Tony (RL) - Last Year
Merge Path

Combines two selected paths into a new single path (old paths will be kept) by connecting the end point of the first path to the start point of the second path.

By Tony (RL) - Last Year
Create Path
  • The path resorts to a Bezier type curve during editing, however, by pressing Shift, one can transform the edit curve type to linear.
  • To exit the Create Path tool simply press Esc or right-click.
By Tony (RL) - Last Year
Change Path Type

By right-clicking on the path curve under Edit Point mode, one can change the path type to Bezier, Linear, or Smooth.  This function works on the selected control points as well as the entire path.



By Tony (RL) - Last Year
Extend Path
  • Using Add Points on the head or tail of the path extends the length of the path.
  • Exit Add Points mode by pressing Esc or right-click (same method as Create Path).
By Tony (RL) - Last Year
Path Position

Path Position can be tweaked to adjust how positioning and timing relate for the path constraint.

Dots will begin to appear as the object advances down the path according to the Path Position keys.  Besides being able to observe the positioning of the object, one can also get a sense of speed at which it travels down the path.  Since every dot represents a single frame; one can surmise that densely packed dots equate to slower speeds while distant dots represent faster speeds. See the examples below:

1. Uniform velocity:

2. From low to high velocity:

3. From high to low velocity: