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Have some questions--any help?

Posted By mchacon_662011 4 Months Ago
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Posted 4 Months Ago
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Here is Fold-Spindle-Mutilate Man . . . don't ask, I'm just messing around:

So--all the clothing--the suit, gloves, and boots, are all custom (as well as the arm-thing). I created them in Blender and loaded them as accessories. The suit is "cloth." The gloves are "gloves" and the boots are "shoes".
The arm-thing is connected (parented) to the forearm bone. IDK if that's "correct" for something there or not. Anyway.

1. How do I make the gloves be firmly UNDER the wrist accessory. The wrist accessory does have indentations that are pretty deep--so maybe I can't--but is there any way to just NOT make them show through?
2.  The decal--a "Stay Clear of Rotating Drivelines" Warning Symbol is in the "correct place" on the chest--but it repeats at other various places on the texture. Any ideas?
3. For the Wrist Thing: I can texture the heck out of it in Blender--but when I load it into CC3, image textures don't seem to transfer. I'm also not sure about Emitter (glowing) textures and things like that. 
-- Is there something I need to know about how that works?
4. Can I texture PARTS of the mesh in CC3? I don't want to create a texture map that has to be aligned to the whole thing. I think I know how to do that (click the load-in-external editor button and then try it that way?) but I'd rather select parts of the mesh and "apply materials" like in Blender. Is there a way to do that in CC3?
5. The Gloves seemed to have to be made "pretty big" to get them to cover the hands. Is there some special glove-fu I should know? They are just copies of the hand-meshes in Blender saved as accessories with a new material on them (same as the boots--which is why, erm, the boots have toes).

Anyway--any help or comments would be appreciated.

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