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Problem with posing in Blender

Posted By stephenq80 5 Months Ago
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Posted 5 Months Ago
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Thanks for reading my post. I was wondering if someone could help me with a vexing problem. I am trying to adjust the rest pose of my model so that it stays in that pose even in edit mode. I hope that makes sense.

Just as some background, I did not model and rig the character. I exported the character in FBX format from Reallusion’s Character Creator 3 Pipeline software. All models exported from the program are in a very tight T-Pose. I need the model to be in more relaxed A-Pose. I thought that changing the pose would be a simple thing to do in Blender, but unfortunately it was not.
Below are the steps that I used. Could someone look them over and tell me where I am going wrong? I would appreciate it very much.
1. Selected the armature and went into Pose Mode.
2. Posed the arms, legs, etc. to my liking.
3. Went into object mode for the mesh and made a copy of the default Armature modifier that is applied when the FBX file is loaded into Blender. So, at this step there are now two Armature modifiers.

4. Apply the first Armature modifier as a Shape Key (the models export from CC3 with shape keys).
5. Find the applied modifier in the shape key stack and give it a value of 1.0
6. Selected the armature and entered Pose Mode.
7. Went into the Pose menu and clicked Apply Pose as Rest Pose.
At this point I can see my mesh conform to the pose of my rig. Furthermore, when I check the Pose Position and Rest Position of my rig I can see that they are the same.
However, when I enter edit mode of my mesh, it automatically goes back into T-Pose.
I don’t want that. How do I keep mesh in the new rest pose of the rig while the mesh is in edit mode?
I do not know if I am doing something wrong, or if the FBX files that come out of CC3 don’t work well with Blender, or if there is an issue with the most recently nightly build which I am using. But, any help would be appreciated.
If anyone wants to take a look at the file itself, I can send it, it is small ~ 12MBs.
Thank you very much.

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