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Lord Ashes' Warehouse - Free Bases Offer

Posted By Lord Ashes 6 Years Ago
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Lord Ashes
Lord Ashes
Posted 6 Years Ago
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Lord Ashes has made a number of budget alternative cloth and accessory bases for users on a budget. A fairly complete list of these bases are provided (along with links) at the end of this post (which can also be used to buy the content if you are looking for the content but don't want to make use of this offer). While Lord Ashes may be decent at cranking out bases his skills at turning those bases into actual beautiful articles of clothing are not yet fully developed. So to give Lord Ashes' bases more exposure he is willing to make the following offer to users who have not yet purchases his based but are considering it:

Make five (5) or more beautiful or otherwise spectacular articles of clothing (or accessories) using the Lord Ashes' Warehouse bases and Lord Ashes will gift you the base or bases for free!

Here are the details of the offer:
The Lord Ashes' Warehouse bases have the trial option enabled. So to make use of this offer, download the trial version of the bases. Next create custom texture, opacity, and bump (and AO, metallic and roughness files for PBR content) to turn these ordinary bases into spectacular items of clothing or accessories. Since the new content is using trial versions of the bases, you won't be able to save the complete content (however, you can save all the individual files used to customise the based) and you will have the "iClone" logo (or "CC" logo) all over the page. That is okay. Render a few images of the content (showing it from different sides) anyway. Once you create 5 such items of clothing, PM Lord Ashes with the images (or PM him links to the images) for review. If Lord Ashes determines they are worthy, he will gift you with the corresponding base so that you can turn the new (trial) content into actual content (and, obviously, get to keep the base for future use). The only requirement is for you to sell the corresponding content in your marketplace store. Why would Lord Ashes' do that? Well, he may lose the commission of selling the base to you but hopefully the derived content that you create with those bases will generate more buyers and thus more sales for Lord Ashes in the long run.

The created content can be but does not have to be free. As with normal derived content, you can charge for your contribution (as long as it is reasonable so that it is likely to generate sales).

This offer is being provided on a base by base basis. A number of the Lord Ashes' bases are only available in packs which include multiple bases. If your 5 items of clothing use only one base in a pack of multiple bases, Lord Ashes will gift you that base (not the entire pack). While the offer may be cancelled at any time (depending on how well or badly it performs) any users which have obtained Lord Ashes' bases in this way will obviously get to keep them.

So what is the catch? The only catch is that Lord Ashes makes the call if the content is worthy. If you are planning just to grab the nearest material fabric on hand and apply it to the bases, don't waste your time. Lord Ashes can do that himself. What Lord Ashes is looking for is some added value like custom bump maps for fabric creases or other details, mix of materials, good use of metallic and roughness for PBR content, etc. 

The following is a list of Lord Ashes' Warehouse content which is intended as bases (or can easily be used as bases). However, if there is other Lord Ashes' content that you would like to use as a base, PM Lord Ashes to see if the content is eligible. Most of the link below (if not all) are for CC bases but they can easily be transferred to iClone once turned into non-trial content.

Morph Cloth & Accessories Bases (New):

CC Watch Base

CC Knee Length (And Shorter) Skirt Moprh Cloth Base 

CC Bell Bottom Pants Morph Cloth Base

CC Cape Morph Cloth Base

Traditional & PBR Cloth Bases:

CC Cloth Basics

CC Cloth Basic Bases 2

CC Cloth Basic Bases 3

CC Cool Weather Bases

Corset & Stockings Bases

Skydiver Bases

CC Structured Ballgown Base

CC Thigh High Boots

CC Formal Wear Bases

CC Full Body Dress Base

CC Sweater Dress Base

CC Fringe Skirt Base

CC Kilt Set Base

CC Savage Cultures Bases

CC Swimsuit & Teddy Base

CC Swim Trunks Base

CC Bathrobe Base

CC Slippers Base

RealWear Bases (This Clothing Line Has Been Officially Discontinued):

RealWear Corset And Panties Bases

RealWear Mini Skirt Base

ReaslWear Halter Base

RealWear Bra Base

RealWear Shoe Construction Set Base

RealWear Flip Flops Base

RealWear Beanie Cap Base

Accessories Bases:

CC Helmet Base

CC Adornment Pack 1

CC Adornment Pack 2

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