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CC 2 FBX Export Bone and Weight Map Issue.

Posted By Jeffrey_Milton 7 Years Ago
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Posted 7 Years Ago
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I think there is a bug in how the bones and weight maps are set up for the Legs and arms in the FBX export from CC. Is this a problem with other software packages?

Here’s the issue with the weightmaps. I fixed the Left calf in the screen shot and you can see how deformed theRight Calf is.
  • Select a bone CC_Base_L_Foot

  • Notice that it runs down the entire calf, righton top of the CC_Base_L_CalfTwist02 & CC_Base_L_CalfTwist02. Both CalfTwistbones have their own weight maps assigned.

  • The Bone Weight map is set to CC_Base_L_Foot butthat weight is assigned to the actual foot and not the calf

  • If I set the Bone Weight Map to “None” the baddeformation goes away as you can see from the screen shot.


  • It’s the same problem with the CC_Base_L_Handand CC_Base_R_Hand. These need to be set to “None” as well or they deform the Forearem. This also impacts the hand and fingers.

 This is so close to working. If the weight map issue could be fixed, it would be a great add for the Lightwave workflow.

I've attached a .rar file with the FBX and .lws file for debugging

Here are the details on how I have my workflow between iClone, CC and Lightwave.


iClone: 7.01.0714.1

cc2: 2.11.1918.1

Lightwave Layout: 2015.3 (64 Bit)

OS: Windows 10 all service packs updated

In CC2

  • Load Base Female

  • Send to iClone 7

In iClone 7

  • In the 04_04_CC MixMove_Female folder, addWalk.iMotion to the CC2 character

  • Collect Clip> Add MotionPlus to Library andsave out iMotion file

In CC2

  • File>Export To FBX>Clothed Character

  • The following Export FBX Settings are checked

    • Lightwave / Cinemar4D Compatible

    • Normal > Y+ iClone /Maya/Blender Unity)

    • Include Motion

      • Custom

        • Frame Format “30 fps (NTSC)”

        • Frame Rate 30

        • File > Load the Motion Plus file from above

        • Universal T-pose Editing

In Lightwave 2015.3 Layout

  • In the Setup tab, Disable the following:

    • Enable IK

    • Enable Deform

    • Enable MC

  • Enable “Parent in Place”

  • File> Import> FBX Import, and select theFBX file from above.

  • FBX Importer Dialog

    • Rotation Import “Motion Plugin”

    • Import Joints as “Lightwave Joints”

  • Open Scene Editor

    • Select “CC_Base_Hip” and delete it but not its decedents.Need to keep all other bones.

    • Select the “fbx_base_bone_transformer” androtate the bones +90 degrees on the Pitch to align the bones with the bodymesh. Note: I need to do this sincesome of the mesh is attracted to this bone as the character moves away. Thinkit’s a weight map issue.

    • Select Menu dropdown > “Select All Bones fromScene” to select all bones in the object

  • In the Setup Tab

    • Go to the “Modify” menu

    • Orientation dropdown and “Record Bone Rest Positionr”

    • Don’t panic, bones will be a mess J

    • Click “Enable Deform” and things will be allgood. J

7 Years Ago by Jeffrey_Milton

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