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iClone 6 and cc help needed

Posted By tonyguy001 4 Years Ago
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Posted 4 Years Ago
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I have been away from using iClone for a while.  I was originally trying to teach myself animationbecause I think it is a fun way to get my message across to people in mywebsite.

I started to learn animation with iClone 5 and actually madea few interesting little videos.  Butthen my computer crashed and I lost everything. After finding out that the conversion to windows 10 was only HALF thereason, and the other half was DELL refusing to upgrade the bios for their xpscomputers to function with windows 10, I dumped the Dell and now have a new andmuch better computer.  But now I have tolearn everything all over again because I also changed from iClone 5 to iClone6 pro in order to use character creator because the characters look more reallifelike.

However, I am only in the process right now of recreating mycharacters and I am already running into problems.  I need the hairstyle for one of mynewscasters that was only able to be found on iClone 5 and earlierversions.  It does not exist for iClone 6or character creator.  I was able to getit into 6 and attach it to the character but it looks more like a plastic capon the characters head.

Also I need business suits for my newscasters (all of whichwill be recreated in character creator) but iClone 6 and character creator doesnot have any.  So I was able to importthe suits from iClone 5 into iClone 6 along with the clone cloth previouslyneeded for those suits, but the clone cloth will not function with characterscreated in character creator.

Can anyone show me HOW to change this characters hair tomake it look more real and NOT like a plastic cap on its’ head?

And show me HOW to thicken the mustache and change its’color to match the color of the hair (and maybe even remove the facial hair comingdown on both sides of the mouth)?

And show me HOW to get the corporate suits from iClone 5 toadhere to this iClone 6 character created in character creator?

I am a beginning beginner with all of this stuff so I wouldneed the help explained simply and step by step because I cannot find the answersin the online manual.

Thank you.

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