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WogglebugLove Productions Films Indiegogo Campaign

Posted By rightdecis 6 Years Ago
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Posted 6 Years Ago
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I've started an Indiegogo campaign for a franchise I have longed to begin for many years. I have the resources to begin it now and the right people to work with also. Except the problem is I am not financially able to pay the people I work with. These people include artists for my picture books, and at least the voice actor who voices the main character of the movies these pictures are partly based off of. 

The franchise is centered on a character named Mr. H.M. Wogglebug T.E.. It is aimed toward general audiences, and I hope that children will find him an inspirational role model through both my picture books and my animated movies that I will release directly to DVD when they are completed. I have a total of 10 feature-length movies planned, and 20 short movies. And at least 30 to 40 picture books.

Mr. Wogglebug's franchise is about childrens education in ways that help them learn life skills and also how to think for themselves and in critical ways and to help them gain healthy self-esteem. His movies and picture books mostly take place in a fantasy environment in a land called Genoma. A seven-year old girl named Sylvie from America enters Genoma via a magic key and from there she and Mr. Wogglebug set on an intertwining journey in which they grow up together. That is, the Wogglebug helps Sylvie in the aforementioned ways that I hope many children can find inspiration and value from, while the Wogglebug gains the status in his own world his heart is set on gaining and in all the right ways. He achieves respect through honesty, courage, perseverance, courtesy, kindness, loyalty, and humility. And learns wisdom comes from intelligence through honesty and good intentions, deep unconditional love, optimism in the sheer joy of being alive, and natural growth. 

There are also two movies as sort of "bookends" that exhibit his personal growth. In the first one he enters the real world by accident and suffers from being a stranger in a strange land. But in the spirit of the best family movies, this doesn't stop him from being a hero by the end in how he changes the lives of an ailing family for the better. Then in the final movie he returns to the real world when the three children he knows have all become adults and they bring him into the world intentionally to help them. And having gained a ton of wisdom from his adventures with Sylvie and being able to remember the experience he endured from before in the real world he is able to be a true hero all around now by intention.

The payments I need to take care of first and foremost is my payments to my picture books artist. Because he has done some artwork for a few books already and I am hardly able to afford them at the moment. Of course, I need to pay more than just him but this is the most important.

The movies are to be filmed with IClone which is why I am posting here. I hope many here will take a look at the campaign and maybe even share and or support it.

I make my dreams into movies.

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