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Crazytalk 6 lip sync edit issues

Posted By siouxzen 6 Years Ago
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Posted 6 Years Ago
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I am newly using Crazytalk 6 and 7. I was able to edit visemes in CT7 but CT6 will only let me add the 'home' viseme regardless of which one I try to add. I tried copying and pasting existing visemes to where I wanted them instead of trying to generate them with the editor but not all visemes that I needed were present in the clip I was editing. So I tried copying and pasting the one I needed from another clip but it was not possible!!!

Why on earth can I not generate any other viseme than 'home' using the lip sync editor? It also will not change existing visemes that are selected, as CT7 will do. Something is not right here. I looked at lots of videos and read and re read the manual about editing lip synching which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me... most videos are for CT7..

I hope I am doing something wrong because if it is a bug, I am doubting that it will get fixed since 7 is out. I would like to use 6 too because I want to use multiple characters. Can anyone help, or suggest workarounds for making multiple character videos using CT7 and, say a video editing program? New at this and I don't mind a learning curve but bugs drive me crazy.

Please someone prove that I a dummy and tell me I just missed how this works... I would prefer that, than be so limited to what I can do with this program... I am so close to getting a first project finished (in spite of the tedious method of having to 'saving as' each time I save... that is such a bizarre design feature... talk about slowing down work flow, which I notice, still exists in CT7... what could be the reason for this... seems archaic...)

Could Windows 8 be an issue with the lip sync editor? Still crossing my fingers that I am just a dummy...

( topic... for some reason my keyboard will no longer let me type question marks... I have been copying and pasting them into this post... l tried changing input language but nada... maybe I need to restart... Did anyone hear about the guy who shot his computer recently (question mark)... just sayin'...)


Thank you.


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