drop weapon help?

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By william161 - 5 Months Ago
Hello all!
how do i get a gun/prop to be unattached from a character and drop to the ground at a particular time in the timeline?...or how do I activate physics on that gun/prop when needed and make this happen in the scene?
By toystorylab - 5 Months Ago
Instead of attaching, use "link", you can unlink at the moment you want to drop it.
A bit tricky to make the "drop" look good, make sure to set a keyframe in transform before unlinking.
Then you will have to look how fast your endkey (prop bottom) comes, maybe use "end in a bounce" transition key...
By thebiz.movies - 5 Months Ago
If you want to use physics for the drop (often a more realistic motion especially for the hitting the ground part) , the manual describes how to use link and change the state of the object: