Avatar Proportion Field Off Screen

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By wires - Last Year
If you feel happy about making changes to the Windows Registry there i8s a setting that can be changed regarding the position.

The Registry path is shown below.

The Default position - @Point - values on my system were:

After moving the Avatar Proportion panel and closing it the new position - @Point - values are:

These values were taken from a 1920 x 1080 resolution screen.
You could change the values in the Registry to something like the above and see if that helps.
By 4u2ges - Last Year
Looks like your screen resolution is 1366x768 but the avatar proportion window is located at the mark of 1920x1080 (as Gerry shown in the registry for this applet).
So temporary changing display resolution to higher value might help to reveal the portion of the window enough to grab it and move.

And BTW it is a bug. I just tried. That window does not respond to the mouse move for up to about 1in from the left.
By william.carey30 - Last Year
Thanks everyone, especially 4u2ges!  Temporarily changing the display resolution, dragging the avatar proportion window into the center just to be safe, and then changing the resolution back was the easy fix.  I think Gerry's solution might also have worked, but I am not technically competent enough to be messing with my computer's registry!https://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/1f847b24-0514-4ca4-a22a-be22.png
By william.carey30 - Last Year
Hello All!
    Suddenly, whenever I call up the "avatar proportion" field, it appears off the right side of the screen, and cannot be moved back at all!  How do I fix this?  I am using a 2016 HP Pavilion laptop with a miniscule 15.6" monitor, but this has not caused problems in the past.

                                                                           https://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/4c1ae31b-f2c7-4ade-84f0-b459.pngBill Carey
By william.carey30 - Last Year
Thanks for trying to help, but nothing affects the problem.  It happens in all my projects, and only for the avatar proportion window.  Somehow it has gotten locked off the screen to the right, and nothing will budge it.  Any other suggestions?  For the time being, I cannot modify any avatar proportions.  Would reloading my iClone 7 help?https://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/ad0ab98f-85a7-47e3-8d03-1406.png
By Kipster - Last Year

go to
top menu bar
and do it again but this time hit
window/workspace/all panels
By Kelleytoons - Last Year
I just woke up (so my eyes are barely open) but have you tried docking the modify window to the right?  All my windows on the right are docked which keeps them on screen no matter what.