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By Miranda (RL) - 4 Years Ago

1. Viewport Display

Show/Hide Dummy ObjectCtrl + Shift + D
Show/Hide Wireframe on ShadedAlt + 2
Show/Hide WireframeAlt + 3
Show/Hide Dummy ObjectCtrl + Shift + D
Show/Hide InfomationCtrl + F

2. Edit Mesh 

Toggle SelectionCtrl + Left Mouse Button
Add SelectionShift + Left Mouse Button
Subtract SelectionCtrl + Shift + Left Mouse Button
Convert Selected Vertex / FaceCtrl + Left mouse Button & cllick Mode

3. Sculpt Mode in "Edit Mesh"

Change ValueB + Left mouse Button (↑↓)
Change SizeB + Right mouse Button (↑↓)
Change FalloffB + Middle mouse Button (↑↓)
Smooth (Skin Weight)Press Shift

4. Skin Weight Edit 

Rotate BoneE
Show/Hide X-Ray BonesB
Show/Hide WireframeW
Previous Bone (on Bone List)↑ (Up)
Next Bone (on Bone List)↓ (Down)
Left Arrow KeyGo to previous frame.
Right Arrow KeyGo to next frame.

5. Subdivision 

On/Off SubdivisionAlt + D
Higher Res SubdivisionCtrl + D
Lower Res SubdivisionShift + D

By Miranda (RL) - 3 Years Ago
Tips & Tricks from users.
  • Transformer - Help users to clarify issues when importing any Daz characters, clothes, and hair (by Kelleytoons)
  • CC to Unity (by Scyra)

By Miranda (RL) - 4 Years Ago
Some tips & tricks to help you use Character Creator in an efficient way.
Welcome to share your tips to the users. Smile