Blade Runner Spinner flight 360
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By 4DFans - 4 Years Ago
Note: video links to version with titles

Recreated the 2 scenes in my 2D Tribute to blade runner. I highly recommend seeing it in VR goggles. I just got Samsung Gear VR to go with my Notes 7 and it is truly awesome.

Been giving a lot of thought to how you recreate a dialog scene in 360. I did add a blimp and for part of the ride I put you in the spinner. I modified the sky to expand the city-scape and did some tweaking

I would appreciate feedback on what worked and what didn't.

Things to do for next release:
  1. Spinner Scene
    • Add the Chinese noodle stand near the vehicle for scene with Gaf and have Deckard eating noddle from a bowl in the spinner
    • add a moving crowd on the street in front of the spinner.
    • add misc towers, neon signs and flames to city scape, (will probably use it in title scene)
    • Add other flying car and spinners
    • Enhance building and try to add some steet level detail
    • Add people in the landing area
  1. Tyrell building
    • Continue to play with lighting and camera positions
    • make more ornate add statues and art
    • Complete scene with Rachel's Voight-Kampff test
By 4DFans - 4 Years Ago
For Those Who might be interested in 360,
I am trying to start a dialog on how do you do VR/360 video at iClone - General - "TIPS-and-TRICKS-on-How-to-use-IC-360"
Things I like to talk about. How do you do action in VR? How do you do dialog? Use of split scenes?  When should you use a virtual presence (1st person POV) in the story line. Good examples of innovative approaches have you found? How do you manipulate the attention of the audience? Basically how do you tell a story in VR? If you have thoughts or ideas your playing with, please post them.

I'm using the My Blade Runner video (below) as ameans to experiment with VR concepts. As I come up with something I like I'll post it here for the animation and Blade runner fans.
By Kevin.S - 4 Years Ago
vary nice..
By 4DFans - 4 Years Ago
Rendered my Blade Runner Spinner flight as a 360 using iClone 6.5. Need more work on camera usage and this probably force me to add the blimp, neon signs the flame and other vehicle in the air. also need to add crowd art take off sight. I will also redo the Decker meets Tyrell and Rachel scene but I really need to populate the room.
First things I figured out about 360, no jumping around with camera cuts (you got to give them time to look around), and you need to give them something to look at and find (good time for a easter egg hunt)