Reposition Actor on Screen without animation?
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By greg_m - 12 Years Ago
Ok, this is a bit of a "RTFM" question here.

But how can I move an Actor on the scene without it animating, in other words just change the actors start position.

I put a actor on the screen but he was is in the middle and I wanted him to be in the bottom left hand corner. I selected him, moved him to the corner, but now he is slowly moving back to the middle!



By gregory.houston - 12 Years Ago
You need to set the characters original position while the first keyframe is selected.
By justin.s.leary - 10 Years Ago
I'm sorry to reopen an old topic, but I don't get it. I'm at the start of the animation, and I want to reposition my character's start position or overall position, and I try and do that, but nothing happens. The character DOESN'T reposition. I can't move the character, I can't resize the character. Nothing.

I'd appreciate some help with this. I have asked questions on these forums before and never once gotten a single reply.

I'm using CTA version 2. Any help would be great, or what would be better is if Reallusion would make some help files that are of use, so that users don't have to rely on the forums to figure out the most basic of how-to's with CTA.

By qvsrman - 10 Years Ago
You need to make sure your character is selected (arrow on menu bar) first, it will have a red outline box around it then you can move it resize ect.

By justin.s.leary - 10 Years Ago
Thanks for the help Chris.

That isn't the issue, I was selecting the character and the red box was appearing.

As it turns out, for whatever reason, CTA2 was adding a keyframe whenever I added a new character. It seems to add a keyframe every time, no matter what character I was adding. What I found was that the presence of this keyframe (I think it shows when I select transform / flip) for a given character is the transform / rotate etc actions for the character at the start frame don't work. I found that by deleting the keyframe, then I was able to transform the character at the start.

Anyway, hopefully someone can verify this or clarify. Anyway, I delete the keyframe every time I create a character and then all is well and I can reposition the character.

I think I gave up on CTA1 because I couldn't figure this out Smile