Double Images When Saving to WMV .,AVI. etc.
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By mcxnarf58 - 12 Years Ago

I am kind of new to "Crazy Talk 6", but have been very successful with it so far! Lots of fun! However, I have recently come across a problem that hopefully someone can assist me with. Here is the problem: For Example: A photo of two subjects. Both are animated separately, both are given separate voice tracks. When I go to play it prior to saving as a WMV file it plays great! After I save it to a WMV file and play it in Windows Media the production has double images of my subjects. Audio is fine! I have not had this problem until a few days ago! Single subjects no problem. Has anyone had this same experience? If so, can someone please assist me with this problem. I have reinstalled the product and I am still having the same problem. I am not doing anything differently than I did before. Very frustrating. I have sent an email to the support center. Hopefully someone here can assist me.


F.X. McG

By Peter (RL) - 12 Years Ago

Please can you keep replies and updates limited to your original thread on this problem. It makes it very difficult to keep track of issues if they are duplicated across the forum.

Please feel free to update the original thread below.