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By shygirl - 10 Years Ago
Have a look at these links

Miner 49er

Period Clothing

Native Americans

You may also want to have a look round the store as there is a large stock of 'Period' clothing as well as garments from 'Around the World'. 

Also, the Footbal character you acquired recently from Peter Edwards can be quite easily altered (i.e. colour, logo etc) using a texture editor such as Photoshop. 

I hope this is of some help


By JasonWynngard - 10 Years Ago
1. American frontier men in buck skin attire.
2. American football uniforms. Not necessarily with specific logos but may some interchangeable logos for those ho want them. More important would be uniforms that can be custom colorized in iClone. Maybe a feature that allowed interchanging numbers. And helmets.
3. 19th century clothing for gentlemen, maritime personnel, and colonial America.
4. Faces of historical figures, including people prominent in Deaf History, such as Alexander Bell, Thomas Gallaudet, Laurent Clerc 9just check the Gallaudet University site on this or GOOGLE Deaf History or ask me for specific figures and where to locate photos of the same.
5. This may be redundant but if not: Speech motions relevant to gentle and passionate appeals, hellfire and brimstone preaching motions, gentle speeches, sad speeches, thrilled speeches.
6. Football player motions, running, kicking, catching, tackling, injury, TD celebrations, exhausted, victory and defeat reactions, maybe even audiences showing approval or disapproval. A field and/or stadium.
7. An easier way for iClone to allow users to overlay clothing textures from photos to clone cloth.

Suggestion: Get rid of the points system thing and let users be able to buy content for a stated price. I can see how it helps generate revenue for RL but it turns off some like myself. I prefer knowing and paying the asking price straight up, no gimmicks. Just old-fashioned is what I am.
By Paumanok West - 10 Years Ago
Whoo hoo! I would like to have some these products myself! Tongue

Maybe be able to develop at least a few of them... may or may not be immediately... don't be afraid to reference a link back here to remind us again; sometimes as things change, new possibilities to work on these requests open up. Wink