Crazy Talk 6 sound problems
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By Peter (RL) - 11 Years Ago
Hi David,

Crazytalk uses whatever sound card is set as default on your system. So if you have any other sound devices installed this may be the problem. You can check which is set to default by right clicking the little speaker icon (in the notification tray) of your task bar and then clicking Recording Devices/Playback Devices.

It would also be wise to make sure that your sound card has the very latest device drivers installed as this can also make a difference.

If you continue to have problems after checking the above I would advise you contact Technical Support using the link below. They will be able to investigate further for you.

Thanks and hope you get this resolved soon.

By raphael6871 - 7 Years Ago
i had the same problem too i un plug the speakers from the back and plug them in front it work for me so try it might just work for you too.BigGrin
By david_20090922171613441 - 11 Years Ago
I can't get any sound out of Crazy Talk.  Sounds work on other programs but not Crazy Talk.  I have tried using demos and importing own wave files.  The mouth works but I can't hear anything.

The volume control is to the far left which suggests it is switched off but I can't get it to move to the right at all.  It is stuck.

Any help?w00t