Crazytalk 6.21 Now Available
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By Peter (RL) - 10 Years Ago
Crazytalk 6.21 Update Now Available. (3rd August 2010)

The latest updated version 6.21 of CrazyTalk is now available.

For more information on upgrades, Please refer to this page.

To get the update, sign in to your Account to get the installer or upgrade from LiveUpdate.

CrazyTalk Version Historyv6.21 (6.21.1921.1) Released 3rd August-2010

  • Fixed: Export iWidget with transparent alpha channel data
  • Changed: Frog CTM
By gordoTalk - 10 Years Ago
I'm running 6.1, but don't know how to download what is needed to get to 6.21

I see the demo for 6.21. Do I uninstall my installation, install the demo, then type in my code?

The 6.21 instructions at your link above say install 6.2 first. But I don't know where 6.2 is, plus I don't know if i'm supposed to install anything else between 6.1 and 6.2.

It would be nice if the installer was smart enough to determine which parts it needs to install.

Awaiting your advice, hopefully 6.21 fixes the glitches i was having.
By Peter (RL) - 10 Years Ago

All you should need to do is run LiveUpdate. This is available from your Start Menu in the Reallusion folder. This will automatically find and update any Reallusion software that needs updating.

Alternatively you can login to your Account and find the upgrade patch by clicking Bonus & Upgrade for your version of Crazytalk that is listed.

You shouldn't install the trial version if you already have a purchased version. The trial can't be made into a full product by entering a code. The latest full version installer is always available from your account as explained above.

Hope this helps.

By gordoTalk - 10 Years Ago
OK, there it was. Thanks