Sci-Fi Movie Competition Winner Announcement
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By SNP60 - 11 Years Ago
Hi everybody I would like to congratulate all the contestants of this competition Really all the movies are exelent . i would like to dedicate a special thanks to the "dreams makers" i mean all the reallusion staff to create fabulous tools like iclone, 3dxchange, crazy talk etc.... All the movie maker can make good film because reallusion staff are creating fabulous tools . I would like to dedicate special thanks to all the artist are created fabulous 3d models packs too, cool creators, alley, wolfzone and all the others). So Thank you very much to all , to the judges, sponsor and partnairs are associated to this competition.
By shug17uk - 11 Years Ago
Well done to the winners - some sterling work there.

I don't want to sound like sour grapes but I feel I must point out that 5 of the 10 winners didn't actually follow the rules fully (as I read them, anyway)

The way I read the rules entries should have been posted on youtube and ' video name must begin with "iClone Sci-Fi" '

I know I will be told that the judges decision is final etc but as someone who works in the justice system I feel I have to point it out.

By duchess110 - 11 Years Ago
Congratulations to the winners a fantasic collection of Sci Fi work by all.
By sjonesdc - 11 Years Ago
Just want to give my congratulations to the winners and all of the contestants.BigGrin

By Visconti - 11 Years Ago
2010 iClone Sci-Fi Movie Competition
The winners are here!

Know More

The Reallusion's Sci-Fi Movie competition has concluded and Reallusion thanks everyone who has participated in this successfull event (over 60 quality videos were received). Reallusion has also offered a variety of awards and prizes from several branded sponsors which are ready for all the winners. Each video submission was screened and meticulously reviewed for each award category and prize. You may view some of the entries here in the Watch area.

To better understand how each award category was considered; we invite you to refer to the descriptions below. We would also like to make note that we did not receive any qualifying video for the Mashup Media category, but we did receive two outstanding films for Movie Tribute. This led us to offer the initial Mashup Media award as an additional Movie Tribute prize as we feel it is only fair to award your efforts. You will also notice that the Super Hero category was retitled to Space Man Category as our judges felt it would better suit the winner.

As usual, all categories were judged on quality, creativity and exceptional effort. The judging was not easy as there were several great films to choose from, but in the end we trust that you agree with our picks. Thank you all for your great participation, and we look forward to seeing you next year where we expect to have an even greater prize line-up for all you filmmaking enthusiasts.

*To the Winners > Please send your personal info (real name, winning video, country address [required for the following winners: Best Picture, Best Tribute, Best Screenplay, and Most Creative Alien]) to in order to request your prize before 8/15.

Best Regards
The Reallusion Team

By Raven2angel - 11 Years Ago
Congratulations to all the winners BigGrin
By txon - 11 Years Ago
Para mi es un honor inmerecido, estar al lado de verdaderos maestros de iclone, enhorabuena a los ganadores, sus entradas son fantasticas, felicidades
By jimmygee - 11 Years Ago
Kudos to the winnersSmile


By DesertWalker - 11 Years Ago
Congrats to the winners!
By gizmo - 11 Years Ago
Congratulations to all the deserving winners. An excellent competition showing the enormous potential of iClone and the competitors themselves.
By Illustrator Cathy - 11 Years Ago
w00t CONGRATS to all the winners w00t

Really impressive work done by everyone.

Cathy Hehe
By afterThought - 11 Years Ago
Congratulations to the winners! Well deserved! Smile
By warlord720 - 11 Years Ago
Congrats to all the winners and a hearty pat on the back to all the entrants as this competition really showcases the power of iClone.

Very inspiring work and something to strive for. The bar just keeps getting raised on this wonderful piece of software.

Bravo to all.
By moviemaniac - 11 Years Ago
congratulations to all winners; congratulations to the judges also they did a tremendous work.
By mellormedia - 11 Years Ago
Well done to all, regards, DT
By Peter (RL) - 11 Years Ago
Congratulations to all the winners. Incredible work done by all.

On a personal front I'd also like to say a big thank you to Visconti who organized the competition. He put a lot of work into making this the biggest and best competition yet. Great work J. Smile

By aknzrdude - 11 Years Ago
wow congrats to the top three certainly well deserved!

mark - you work is inspiring- love the visuals on the first wave

Dave - excellent use of the various tools for iclolne (3d xchange, etc..) for the tribute

Biggs you gotta make a sequel Smile

and thanks Reallusion for the awesome competition
By mark - 11 Years Ago
All I can say is a heartfelt THANKS to everyone and the Reallusion staff!
The entries were awesome and it's truly an honor to be chosen for Best Picture among all the great films. This is such a great group always willing to help out the newbie when there is a problem..and I had plenty of 'em, and still do Wink
I learned so much by watching all the fantastic entries. I can only hope my work improves because of the great films & talent I saw displayed.
Thanks again!

Now...I've always wanted to say this..and here's my chance...

"I would like to thank the Academy, my wife, my mom and dad, my art teacher, Avatars everywhere and all the litt.........!!"Cool
By Dulci - 11 Years Ago
Fantastic competition - congrats to all the winners!
By Capemedia - 11 Years Ago
Well done everyone Smile
By BiggsTrek - 11 Years Ago
I'd like to officially say "WOO HOO!" (And thanks to Reallusion and the other contestants).

By Wolfzone Digital - 11 Years Ago
Woohoo. Congratulations Everyone. Some great work
By Bigboss - 11 Years Ago
Congratulations to all winners ! Smile

And welcome to the fantastic world of iClone ! Smile

By Teviniii - 11 Years Ago
Congratulations to Mark and all of the other winners!!!