Animation Tools are not working for the character I imported into Iclone.
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By emirhan25166 - Last Year
Hello everyone, I imported the Unreal Engine 5 Manny character to Iclone, but the animation tools are not working, I cannot click on any of them. What should I do? Good work to everyone. (I'm new.)
By Peter (RL) - Last Year

To be able to use iClone's animation tools requires you have a Standard character (such as CC3+) or a Humanoid (Non-Standard) character. If you just drag in a rigged character that isn't either Standard or Non-Standard then the only animation options you will have is keyframe animation.

So to resolve the problem you need to convert the character to Humanoid (Non-Standard) in Character Creator 4 or re-rig it using AccuRig. If you do this you will then be able to use the animation tools in iClone.

If you need help with the workflow in CC4 then please see the tutorial below.
By emirhan25166 - Last Year

Thank you for your information, this makes sense. I will try what you said. Have a nice day.