CC4 character hair issues in Unreal Engine 5.2 Path Tracer and lack of clothing simulation.
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By subscriberpost - Last Year
Hey, everybody. Need some help. I have 2 problems. One problem with character's hair, the other problem with clothing simulation. But now more details.

Problem #1:
Problem with CC4 character hair in Unreal Engine 5.2 when rendering Path Tracer. Character from Character Creator 4, the hair is standard, which is in CC4. I made export in Unreal Engine 5.2. It should be said that I make animation in Unreal Engine 5.2 on Path Tracer. There was a problem with the hair of the character, CC4 Shader - Standard. CC4 material settings have not changed. 

I have attached a file on which you can see that the hair is distorted, some strips of incomprehensible, ie not as it should be. When rendering in Movie Render Queue the same problems.

Problem #2:
Lack of standard "jackets" clothing simulation for characters in Unreal Engine. I'm a beginner with CC4 and Iclone, so I might have missed something, but here's a point. For example coats from CC4 are simulated as cloth initially, but jackets from Reallussion Marketplace are not. I've attached the jackets animation as well, I need help. Thank you.

By sidi.lic - Last Year
Im also having this issue, even with unreal 5.3. If anyone knows the problem and could share a fix for that.