Analytics are Key to Improving our Sales, yet Reallusion does not provide Site VIsit Counts, Trial Download Counts etc. Woudl you like to have accesst to this information as a Content Creator?
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By kenneth james - Last Year
Every other site that I have viewed or participated in offers to share the Analytic Data that it gathers on it's Developers individual stores to share with each specific Content Developer. This information usually includes, but is not limited to Page Visits, Store Visits, Trial Download Counts and Sales Conversion Rates.
Sales Conversion rate data can include for example: how many page visits resulted in sales, how many Trail Downloads converted to sales etc..
I have been in Sales and Advertising Sales for many years and it is very hard to increase your sales by just guessing as compared to haveing this information that the Reallusion Marketing Department is collecting but for some strange reason is not sharing with it's Content Developers.
Thanks fellow Content Developers!!
Kenneth James at the Reallusion Marketplace