G3 Upper Mesh Problems in 3DXchange4

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By Galfridus - 9 Years Ago
Thanks for the news update on this issue Peter. I have submitted my list to support as per your advice.

Might I suggest that the 3DX4 pipeline page and promo videos relating to Argile2 are now amended to reflect these findings. http://www.reallusion.com/iclone/3dx_pipeline.asp

This would help avoid future purchasers from assuming that Iclone4 - 3DX4 - Argile2 are fully compatible in the way currently illustrated there. I.E modification of Iclone avatar upper male meshes.


By Peter (RL) - 9 Years Ago

Problems With G3 Upper Meshes in 3Dxchange4

Recent testing of the G3 Male Upper mesh has uncovered that some software (notably Argile) is having difficulty handling the scattered data points in the Upper mesh which in turn is causing errors when trying to open the modified mesh in 3Dxchange4.

Sadly there is no general fix for this problem as each mesh is different. If you are encountering these problems with G3 Upper meshes and the models were not fixed in iClone 4.2 upgrade, please contact Reallusion Support who will be supplying fixed meshes to those who need them.

As always, please use the Support Form below to make your request, and please explain which avatar(s) you are having problems with. You will then be supplied a corrected mesh as soon as possible.


Thank You. Smile