360 G3 Head Tool / Face Tool Issues and Questions

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By janscentral - 2 Years Ago
I owned CA 4 and had the G3 360 FACE Tool - It is located under Actor > Head > G3 360 FACE Tool with two subfolders:  Sample Heads and Templates.
I upgraded to CA 5, but do not have this folder and subfolders anywhere, even though I supposedly transferred over all my content.  What I do have in CA 5 under Actor is a folder for G3 360 HEAD Tools BONUS, with 12 characters in it. But no Templates folder anywhere.  I don't see that there is any way to use these characters to bring into Photoshop to edit or create a new character from, as I do not have either the FACE tools or HEAD tools with the sample heads to do so.

My questions: 
(1)  Is G3 360 HEAD Tools the same thing as G3 FACE Tool?  If so, then how do I get the G3 HEAD Tools to download to my copy of CA5, since my content only shows G3 360 FACE tools?   Or are they different and if so, am I entitled to a free upgrade to the G3 360 HEAD Tools?  Or do I have to purchase the G3 360 HEAD Tool separately? 

(2)  Even if they are different, does the G3 FACE Tool still basically do the same things that the G3 360 HEAD Tool does and if so, can I just click and drag the G3 FACE tool from Cartoon Animator 4 into CA 5, since it did NOT download from my content?

I appreciate your help, thanks!
By Famekrafts - 2 Years Ago
I have never used the face tool before, so cannot help you with that.
For the content, try creating custom content folder and copy in windows explorer the 360 folder from cta4 to that folder under templates or custom templates and see if that works.