"Flatten All Motion With Constraint" removes all Visime audio. Why?

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By gorg222 - 2 Years Ago
Hi,I've applied "flatten all motion with constraint" in Animation menu expecting some simple baking of the constraint/reach/spring animations.

Suddenly I've noticed all AUDIO was was removed? 

I was struggling with using reach target also being able to correct it with Edit motion layer. Usually it says something about Spring and/or Reach target preventing this
(although in timeline at that frame, there is no spring or reach target).

Flatten all motion with constrait baked it , so i could do some changes.

But why audio dissapeared? It has nothing to do with animation, ,does it? :-)
By Peter (RL) - 2 Years Ago

You shouldn't lose audio when using the "Flatten All Motion With Constraint" command (I didn't lose audio when I tested). The Viseme track will change to "Baked" but the audio should still be there. 

Have you tried the process with a different project to see if the issue occurs in all projects or just this one you are working on?