Retargeting Mocap Performance captured in IC8 to CTA5
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By Dr JP - Last Year
Hi folks, I am recording my mocap performance using the following: Notiom Axis Studio (body and finger mocap) and IPhone Live Face app (face mocap) in IC8.

I am able to 'retarget' the body and finger mocap from IC8 to CTA5 by saving the IC8 mocap data as a .rlmotion file and using 'import 3d motion' function in CTA5 (or motion link). Is there anyway to do something similar for the face mocap that is stored in the IC8 performance?

Another possibility could be to save the mocap data from the Live Face App into a file and import it into CTA5 (similar to faceware in IC8?). Basically both CTA5 & IC8 have the ability to process the Live Face App data stream onto their respective characters, being able to save the performance into a file then sync everything up post process would work well too!

As you can imagine, recording a single mocap performance and capturing body, hands, and face is extremely useful. Being able to bring that in its entirety (i.e. including face data) into CTA5 would be a killer feature of the reallusion pipeline. Maybe using something similar to the import 3d motion function in CTA but for face. 

Thanks in advance for any assistance 😊 
By Peter (RL) - Last Year

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to import facial mocap data from iClone 8 into CTA5. You can only record facial mocap live in CTA5.

However, please feel free to add your request to the Feedback Tracker. The tracker is monitored directly by the relevant product teams who will log the request and consider it for a future update.

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