Weird bone problem? how to fix this?
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By Famekrafts - 2 Years Ago
I am having a weird problem or maybe I am not doing it right.

I am using the hunter image from the 2d animation 101 courses and trying to custom rig the hunters in CTA5.

The issue is when I am connecting bone from the body to the head pivot point, it is not connecting to the head image but to only the hunter's body image.

No other image parts are getting connected with the pivot point. Only the basic hunter torso is getting rigged.

While in the video -  it shows that bones connect and rig each part by clicking on the pivot point or on top of the image of that part.

I am rigging in CTA5 for the first time, so maybe I am missing something.

Here is a screenshot -

By Famekrafts - 2 Years Ago
Bones are not connecting directly, I have to go the hard way of creating bones first and then connecting them using connect button under bones.

It is surely troublesome.

Is anyone else having this issue?
By Famekrafts - 2 Years Ago
Thanks to Mark who showed me how to fix it.

Those who are also stuck here can check this video -