Bones not guiding layer images properly
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By Ryder - 2 Years Ago
Hi all, 
New to CA4, made first character... attached individual images to gen3 bone template...

When I activate stock animations, the images no longer align to the bones in some cases, especially the forearms.

after animation:

Is this because I messed up by starting with the Human Dummy Side? 
How can I easily correct this, and set up using the Front template?

Thanks so much!

By vepop - 2 Years Ago
Watch this tutorial:-
Part 1: 
Cartoon Animator 4 - Creating a G4 Character (Part2) - YouTube

By vari.romeo - 2 Years Ago
I think the individual layers have to overlap eachother, and the joints should be where they are overlapped. Im not sure if theres a way to make such character work in this seperated bodyparts style but I could be wrong.