Making G3 360 Actor walk in circle
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By jmatthew - 2 Years Ago
Still learning the program and having trouble figuring out how to seamlessly switch between F, S, S2, Back Side, & Back to have my actor walk around a room.
Are there any lessons that go over this?
Any help greatly appreciated!  
By etourist - 2 Years Ago
[edit: I realize you didn't say 'circles' but you get the point, hopefully.]

At some point you need to understand the limitations of 'puppet' animation. While you have all those different views of a character, animating them to walk in a seamless circle onscreen isn't possible. You can get close but it'll never be seamless (because you're switching character angles), and it's one of the most challenging things to animate well, even for a Cartoon Animator veteran.

The reason why you won't see many (if any) tutorials on this is that most animators would find creative ways in the edit, to suggest a character is going around in circles, or just not put a character in that situation in the first place.

All those character angles exist to give you more options of showing your character in different angles in a scene. Preferably you never want to switch angles on camera between more than one or two angles, and preferably it needs to be done in a quick motion so the viewer fills in the missing parts of the turn.