Character appears without body.
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By iglov4 - 2 Years Ago
Can someone help with this problem? I have a new computer and I have redownloaded Cartoon Animator 4 and when I attempt to bring a character onto the stage they appear without their body. See screenshot. I have put in a ticket for technical support, but I thought someone here may help. Thanks in advance.
By 938251731 - 2 Years Ago
我也遇到过这个问题…………可能和windows 11系统有关(不确定,目前最有可能:-( 
By danrami - 2 Years Ago
Same issue here in a Lenovo laptop with Windows 11. Another issue could be with the Intel Iris Xe Graphics chip set. I bring this up because it had been suggested to me to look for a second graphics adapter which my laptop doesn't have. I also tried changing the performance of the graphics to the highest setting with no effect.