Custom character workflow
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By oliverwatson - 2 Years Ago
I'd like to use Reallusion software (+Blender?) to create a 3D "talking wall" character (see reference images) and animate it with motion live. Can anyone suggest a workflow for this?

I've tried using the Blender CC3 plug-in to bring a CC3 character into Blender and sculpt its face into a wall shape, but it's virtually impossible to do without changing the face topology. I also tried modelling a face from scratch in Blender and rigging the eyes and mouth with Rigify, but preparing it in 3DXchange seems overly complicated because it's only a head rather than a full character. It seems like something that should be dead easy to do, but I can't figure out the right approach. Any suggestions? By the way, I'm a 3D character newbie, in case you hadn't already surmised.
By vidi - 2 Years Ago
CC3 is not for that kind of  character

3D xchange need a human skeleton to retarget  the iClone bones, but that do not mean all Bones needs a mesh

in Blender create you wall face and skin only the head bone and maybe the neck bone , the other bones are only for to get the green button in 3d xchange 

 in the expression editor in 3D xchange import all you facial morphs and assign,  so that you can use your own profile for the lipsync and facial feature in iClone. 
By oliverwatson - 2 Years Ago
Hi, Vidi. Thanks so much for the quick and helpful response.
That all makes sense. The reason I wanted to try to use CC3 was so I wouldn't have to model the morphs. Is there no way to do this without modelling? I'd buy them, but I've never heard of 3D characters coming with embedded morphs. Maybe I'll do a faux 3D character in Cartoon Animator.
By vidi - 2 Years Ago
Is there no way to do this without modelling?

Automatically created Blend shapes

I have no Idea of this, because I make all my models and blendshape self