newbie looking for audio track color--gray makes it hard to see.
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By toddwaddington - 2 Years Ago
Hello, I'm doing a tutorial which is pretty great.  Takes the student from CC to iclone to Unreal with great comprehensive starter tools.  I'm guessing it was created a couple of years ago because some of the interfaces have changed.  No prob.

 In working with audio files they are all gray and it is nearly impossible to see the audio wave in the file.  I've gone through preferences and scoured the internet but haven['t found a simple answer to "how do I add color to the audio waveform" (track).  Restarted the program, ya know.  It is not muted, you can hear it, and there is a green selection outline when selected.  

Thanks in advance.
By Peter (RL) - 2 Years Ago

Unfortunately iClone does not allow you to customise the colour scheme of the interface or timeline to any colour you wish. There are only two colour theme options available under Preferences (CTRL+P) and that is Grey and Green. If you wish to check out the differences, just open Preferences and scroll down to the Interface section.
By toddwaddington - 2 Years Ago
Thanks, yes, I have green selected. When the track is selected the track outline (box) is green but the audio file itself remains the same, dull gray with faint image of waveform.  Great programs, I can work with it but would be great if I could see it.