Props not zooming
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By Birchmark - Last Year
Thanks for your reply.  

Yeah I'm not sure what was going on.  The same computer has crashed a couple of times gaming lately so there might be a graphics card problem BUT I decided to just start again with the actual animation, started a new Crazytalk Animator document and put my saved character and the props in again, and then did the animation and the camera worked fine in that document, so I don't think it could be the graphics card in this case considering doing a brand new document fixed it.  

So either way, I'm not having issues anymore because I did that, so I don't really need help anymore.  It's just a weird thing for it to do, and it being a graphics card / driver issue doesn't seem to add up when changing to a new document fixed the problem.  It's odd.

Thanks for your help
By Birchmark - Last Year


I'm trying to do something in Crazytalk Animator 3 and I'm not sure if anyone here might have some idea what's wrong.

I'm trying to use the camera record function and zoom out but whenever I go to camera record, all my props and actors become invisible and it only animates the camera looking at the background, leaving everything else where it is. I just tried exporting it so I could see what happens and it just doesn't show the zoom at all (the props covered the whole view when zoomed in) as it only shows the props but didn't zoom out from the props.

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on here and how to fix it?

Thank you for your help

By Peter (RL) - Last Year

From the description of the problem it sounds like you have a graphics issue if props are disappearing when the camera is activated.

As a first step I would check that your graphics drivers are up to date. Outdated graphics drivers can cause strange graphical issues like this.

If your drivers are all up to date, then perhaps you could record a shot video clip showing the issue occurring when you use the camera. This will make it easier to see what the problem is.