Trial download of Hair Builder?
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By oliverwatson - 3 Years Ago
I bought $2K worth of software on Black Friday and only now realizing how misleading all the promo materials are. So many features like basic hair and clothes are somehow extra. Oh, I'm sure I missed some fine print somewhere. Now I'm supposed to buy, what, the Hair Builder? And Beard & Brow? Okay, fine, but I'd like to at least get the Free Trial first to make sure it isn't more subterfuge. But how? I go to the provided marketplace link, I click the little "Trial Download" icon under a few of the hair components, and then what? I tried adding them to the cart, thinking it would offer me a Trial Download at checkout. Nope. Can anyone please help?
By wires - 3 Years Ago
Have you tried getting them downloaded using the Smart Gallery?

Open the Smart Gallery and make sure it is online. Click on "Recommended" in the Pack column. Double click on the "Hair Builder" pack and this should download and install the pack in Trial mode.
By oliverwatson - 3 Years Ago
Thanks, Gerry. Very helpful.

Hair Builder was not available through the Smart Gallery. Individual components were available but that's largely useless due to the very small daily trial limit. What a strange experience this has been.
By michaelrbarton - 3 Years Ago
There is a free hairbuilder hair sample in iClone or CC3.
Hair template, then group.