"Collision Shape" button is missing

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By slamjs96 - Last Year

Above is how it is in the tutorial videos.
Below is how it's for me in the app

How can I edit mesh collision?

I've problems when importing to the UE4, auto collision generation generates collision for twist bones instead of the actual bones ( for upperarm twist instead of the upperarm ).
When I trying to generate collision for the actual upperarm_l(r) an error displayed ( something about no faces for that bone found )
By Peter (RL) - Last Year

The Collision Shape button you show in image 1 is from iClone 7. It's not in Character Creator 3. In Character Creator 3 if you want to adjust the collision settings for clothing, just select the clothing item, then press "Conform" on the Modify Panel. Then you will see the collision settings and a "Calculate Collision" button.