Live Face and Cartoon Animator 4
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By lutlei - 3 Years Ago

I have been considering upgrading but am I correct in my assumption:

To be able to use the iPhone app Live Face, I would have to buy the mocap bundle AND the “live face iPhone profile”? (in my case summing up to 450$ now)

I got this working with the free version that got distributed on the app store a while ago (crazytalk animator 3) - but I've only used it sparsely. Guess I’m also wondering what this upgrade actually could give me? I’ve just dabbled a bit with crazy talk 7 before, to make some easy talking heads and a have a hobbyist approach to animation in general.
By ApplebiteMedia - 3 Years Ago
From what I have learned, as I have gone through this recently.....

You need the plug-in and an iphone.  That should be it.  The mocap is for the body and finger gear.  The finger thing is not worth it IMO....

Use a network cable for best results, do not use wifi.  It will work but it will be choppy or can be rather.....

Hope that helps.  It's a nice add on.  There is a really good video in the advanced section of the Reallusion training video section (Lost the link sorry)... The guy in the video goes into great detail on getting your iphone calibrated to your character.

Good luck... Smile
By lutlei - 3 Years Ago
Ok. Thanks for your reply. Meaning I could get away with the Pipeline edition of Cartoon Animator 4 and the iphone Live Face Add on?
By jlittle - 3 Years Ago
You can use a web cam in CA4 for facial motion capture.
The iphonex is only required in iClone at this time.