Character height
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By johnhohlbein - Last Year
I just purchased Character creator 3. I can not find a height slider for the character only a scale slider.
By MilesV - Last Year
There is a height morph in the Ultimate-Morphs pack, but I don't think there is one that comes with CC3. You can increase the length of individual body parts with morphs included in CC3 to get the result you want. Otherwise, you'll need to buy a pack or create a custom height morph.
By johnhohlbein - Last Year
Thanks for the fast reply MilesV. I looked at the Ultimate Morphs pack earlier but I did not see a height morph on the product page info. I searched for a complete list of morphs in the pack but could not find one. What I did see in the pack did not interest me so I don't think I'll be spending $99.00 for a height morph. It's not really that important since I'm mostly just going to use character creator and possibly Iclone as a pipe line between daz and unreal engine just thought it was strange that there was no height slider.