Acculips to Unreal
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By Bassline303 - 2 Months Ago
Sounds like you didn't tick "import morph targets"in the UE4/5 FBX import settings.
IClone exports morphs by default.
By cinemyscope - 2 Months Ago
Have you tried Unreal’s own facial live link tool?  They just did an update about 2 weeks ago which finally lets you auto adjust to a neutral face pose just by clicking a button. It’s not as accurate as what I’ve seen people can do with Faceware but it’s pretty good and very easy to get working.  Hope this helps.
By Blazoneer - 2 Months Ago
Acculips looks pretty precise within iClone, but when I render an .fbx to Unreal, the visemes and lips curls vanish, leaving me with a moving jaw that simply flaps up and down.  Is there an export command I'm missing, or is this something I need to fix by keying in visemes?  I was hoping that acculips did that for me on the export.