I'm Having Problems With G3 Hair Salon

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By NaturalGlitch - 3 Months Ago
I'm in composer mode when I try to change Ruby's hairstyle, and I can't seem to get it to work properly:
Seems a bit off, but it looks pretty decent. When her head moves towards the viewer, the hair still holds...kinda, but when she looks to the side, this happens: 
Then more to the side:
I've tried with Ruby's head already facing the viewer, and the same thing happens, no matter which hairstyle I change it to. I seem to be having trouble with hair changing in general; even trying out the other hairstyles from the pack Ruby's from does this.
Considering there are no tutorials for when this happens, it must be on my end (which I totally agree with). What am I doing wrong here?
By vepop - 3 Months Ago
I'm having the same problem too. 
It seems that the Face Tool, Hair Tool and Hair Salon did not ease the job. 

By hearne.debbie - 2 Months Ago
I contacted customer support about this before. They said they were going to change the product pages but it seems like they didn't. You have to use the updated heads for the Campus Hero and Vector Buddies characters located in the 360_heads folders of each pack.  The heads that come on the default characters will not work. To access these heads, you have to take the character into composer mode.