Writing C++ Plugins and Media Foundation

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By maps_791099 - 2 Years Ago
Is it possible for a thirty-party developer to write C++ plugins for iClone7?
I would be satisfied if Python for writing a plugin, but I don't think there is a way to expose the functionality I'm looking for.
Let me explain my use case.
I'd like to have access to the frames+audio iClone pushes to the audio/video encoder.
Sniffing the DLLs, I've found MediaFoundationExporterU.dll and I'm assuming (by the DLL imports) that iClone uses Media Foundation for encoding the generated content.
If that is true, at some point in the code, iClone probably has a MFSample that pushes to be encoded by a Media Foundation graph (MFTs).
I'd like to have access to this MFSample to serve as input for my custom Media Foundation graph.
Is it possible to achieve that with the current Python plugins? If not, it is possible to write a Qt plugin in C++ for:
- accessing the MFSamples, or;
- configure a custom Media Foundation graph (MFTs) within iClone?