Unable to change background scale

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By wires - Last Year
With CC open switch to Windows explorer, navigate to the image file that you wish to use. Right click on the image file and drag it into the CC scene - the image will be shown inside a small panel marked +Copy.

Once there release the right mouse button and select Plane from the menu window that opens. You can now resize, move and rotate the image to suit your requirements once added.
By Am7add9 - Last Year
your BG display mode is set to "tile"
so it's tiling 4x4
not exactly sure what your goal is here
but try the other options in display mode

By Combatcommandcat - Last Year
I am trying to create a hafling character and the pic I am using is larger than the size I need.  I have tried reducing it in a paint program but it always comes up the same size.  I have tried all the display modes.  I can tile it down small enough but it's very distracting to have 16 haflings in the background.  Is there another way or am I missing something.  
I apologize if this is in the wrong area.https://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/f8103aed-25e4-4826-937d-0a51.png