Purchased items not showing up in Smart Gallery

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By Peter (RL) - 4 Months Ago

Sorry to hear you are having problems installing your content pack.

Have you had any other problems installing content using the Smart Gallery such as the free resource packs?

You also mentioned the Install.RLD link in your Order History. Did you try installing the pack using this link? If you choose Option B when clicking the Install.RLD link this will install the content using the Content Downloader instead of Smart Gallery. Just choose Open when clicking the download button and you should see installer option below.

By kelbyvp - 4 Months Ago
I just purchased the Medieval Peasants pack.  It is not showing up in my CC3 Smart Gallery.  I have tried refreshing, but no luck.  I went to my account on the Reallusion.com site, and under "Order History", I tried clicking Install.RLD.  Smart Gallery asked if I wanted to download content, so I said "yes."  It just gives me this error under the "item" tab, and still doesn't show the content in the Pack tab.  Any suggestions?