What's New in Character Creator 3.42

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By Dhawa - 4 Months Ago
Very nice. Thanks
By wires - 5 Months Ago
Cool. SmileCool
By Miranda (RL) - 5 Months Ago
Hi Character Creator Users,

Character Creator is just updated to version 3.42 to fix some bugs. Please check your Reallusion Hub to update to the latest version.
  • Fixed: Restore session dialog does not appear after iClone / Character Creator has crashed. (FT #7778, reported by nelm2010)
  • Fixed: Hair exported to Unreal with vertex color applied will adversely influence the physics weight map settings, giving the wrong result. (FT #7880, reported by weili)
  • Enhanced: "Use T-Pose As Bind Pose" option is added for CC3+ FBX export (set to disabled by default). This setting is mainly for making Blender compatible with ActorCore motion, under normal circumstances, this setting should be disabled.

Reallusion Team