What's New in iClone 7.92

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By Miranda (RL) - 3 Years Ago
Hi iClone users,

iClone is just updated to version 7.92 to support new expression loops (.iTalk) for the Replica Studios - AI Voice Actors Plug-in.
Several major bugs are fixed in this version as well. Please check your Reallusion Hub, and update to the latest version.

  • Added: 36 new expression loops (.iTalk) for the Replica Studios - AI Voice Actors Plug-in, which is capable of creating facial animations when combined with AccuLips.  >> Know More

  • Enhanced: Bind pose will now be preserved with exported non-standard characters, instead of using the first frame of the included motion as the initial basis.
  • Fixed: iClone crashes as the result of the following steps: (FT #7860, reported by e1_scheer)
    1. Opening AccuLips panel from the timeline.
    2. Remove a word from AccuLips.
    3. Apply the results.
    4. Perform Break Clip on a motion clip.
  • Fixed:iClone crashes when exporting non-standard character with source (FBX) files containing bone scale information.
  • Fixed:Crash as a result of removing an IBL clip from the timeline.
  • Fixed:iClone crashes when closing or canceling Popcorn's pick-color dialog window. (FT #7898, reported by Freddymusic)
  • Fixed:Restore session dialog does not appear after iClone / Character Creator has crashed. (FT #7778, reported by nelm2010)
  • Fixed:Hair exported to Unreal with vertex color applied will adversely influence the physics weight map settings, giving the wrong result. (FT #7880, reported by weili)

Reallusion Team
By wires - 3 Years Ago
Thank you Miranda, once more proof the the team is always working hard in the background. CoolSmoooothSmile
By rosuckmedia - 3 Years Ago
@Miranda RL
Many Thanks , for the information.
Greetings rosuckmedia
By Miranda (RL) - 3 Years Ago
Hi everyone!

The secret Replica Studios - AI Voice Actors Plug-in is now available!

Replica Studios and Reallusion collaborated to create a plugin that automates text to lip-sync animation. Please check this forum for details.

It's very interesting, we believe you will like it. Smile

By Bassline303 - 3 Years Ago
Very Cool Plugin ! Did a Replica test in a couple of minutes and it is working great :

By Amper Sand - 3 Years Ago

In 7.92, something has changed (in good) in the real-time image quality - cannot say exactly what, but I'm almost sure it's not just an illusion.
By GamerCreativo - 3 Years Ago
Guys does anybody has problems to export FBX face expression?