Question about Modern Cars ii combo
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By similarly - Last Year
I have a question about the Modern Cars II Combo by Adolf AntareusModern Cars II Combo (
The vehicles in this pack look very similar to the vehicles in previous packs. What are the differences between these vehicles and the others? For example, the sedan and motorcycle look exactly like the models from the law enforcement pack , the limo and the SUV look the same as the ones from the secret service pack, and the minibus looks like the ambulance. If I already have all of the other packs, is there anything different in this pack, or is it simply repackaging the vehicles?
By Peter (RL) - Last Year

There are some similarities between packs but most vehicles are different, especially between Modern Combo 1 and 2. The mains differences for the few models that are similar is the paint job, trim and accessories. For example the Ambulance is a fully fitted ambulance with all medical equipment inside while the the minibus has a full set of seats and windows.

But if you are concerned that the some of the vehicles are too similar, you can choose to purchase them individually rather than in the combo packs. So if you only want one Sedan or SUV then you can choose just one you like the best. Although it does work out more expensive to buy them all individually, if you just choose just ones you want then you can save overall.