Flexible, Soft, Realistic Character Body - Now Possible-Soft body/Cloth character physics! Also physically displaced skin!

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By Ascensi - 2 Years Ago
After a few days tediously and relentlessly testing I managed to create a modified CC3+ character as a Cloth to apply physics. 
If you would like to see a simple Soft body Character Physics in iClone 8 please vote here https://www.reallusion.com/FeedBackTracker/Issue/Request-to-allow-Softbody-Physics-on-character-s-skin-influenced-areas-are-to-determined-by-weight-map-painting

I imagine a painting tool in iClone that you will be able to paint & quickly* test areas to influence more flexible areas of skin rather than create in CC3 then send to iclone each time - or at least just update the physics textures in iClone rather than sending the whole character over.
As a bonus, using soft cloth you can use little or no tessellation if you have a character that uses displacement in their skin to create actual physical bumpiness rather than rely on normal maps. If you want to see SkinGen get an update to support displacement texturing for actual deep bumpy scars, pores, wrinkles etc then please vote for it here https://www.reallusion.com/FeedBackTracker/Issue/Missing-Corresponding-Displacement-maps-of-scars-tendons-wrinkles-pores-burns-etc-Unsatisfied-Purchase