What are best practices/recommended exporting 3D model (as fbx) from Blender to 3DExchange 7?

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By michaelrbarton - Last Year
Did you check the opacity? If you scroll down, you will find diffuse and other texture boxes. Opacity slider is below that. 
Sometimes the opacity slider is set to zero. That could be why some parts are invisible. Can your FBX Blender avatars 
not be rigged, but set in a T pose. If you go to Adobe Mixamo, they have a free auto-rigger for humanoid characters.
Then you can bring the character into 3DXChange and have it rigged for iClone.
Look at the screenshot of Adobe Mixamo.https://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/e58be78e-e23e-45c6-bbd4-4a56.jpg
By nguyenhoang.28071979 - Last Year
hi you can send me tutorial autorig to cc3 i have problem when you autorig with facial to cc3 

By Peter (RL) - Last Year

Unfortunately it's impossible to say what is wrong without knowing the makeup of the character and the way it has been skinned and rigged.

From your description it seems clear the characters are not skinned and rigged correctly. All I can advise is that you watch as many tutorials as possible on creating rigged characters in Blender and eventually it will start coming together. When I started creating characters many moons ago in 3DS Max I made numerous mistakes, especially when rigging and skinning characters, but eventually with plenty of practise and watching/reading tutorials it was possible to overcome the problems. I'm sure it will be the same for you so hang in there.

Please Note: It's also very important to make sure that you are exporting the complete rigged character from Blender and not just selected parts.
By sargentpilcher - Last Year
I'm currently struggling with this as well, and it's NOT user friendly at all. A lot of intricacies go into it, and I'm not even aware of all of them. I got this to work about a year ago, and here I am a year later trying to do it again and essentially having to relearn it. 

The way I did it was with a 40$ Blender Addon called "Auto-Rig Pro" that worked for me a year ago, but now I'm struggling with it. I'm not totally sure what I'm doing wrong, but I do wish there were some better guides for it. Like, somebody doing it from start to finish to demonstrate what the process is like. What does 3Dxchange look for from the FBX file that we have to keep in mind to include in the blender export? 
By eohu - Last Year
Hello everyone,
Please I am having issues using 3D characters created for me in Blender and delivered as fbx.  Would you have any advice, or suggestions of best practice to share?

Sometimes, the model does not open at all; other times it opens but only the collar of the clothes are visible.  Some times everything opens, but the bones are separate from the body.  

I attached some screenshots.  First is the incomplete import... and the other two images show some messages I receive on the way to opening the Blender fbx files in 3DExchange.


Any help will be greatly appreciated!