Professional Outfits-Cloth conversion to CC3+
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By 4u2ges - 2 Years Ago
Glad it worked out  Smile
By ifarkas - 2 Years Ago
Thank you so much.
It worked great.
I would have not figured this one out by myself.
What a great community.
It still required some touchups, but that is well documented, written, and videos, unlike this one.
By 4u2ges - 2 Years Ago
There some ways to fix it, or handle it differently initially.

This is one of them:
Load that broken avatar and strip all the cloth from him. While he is nude, apply saved character over him again, but select Replace Costume Only.
Save him over again.
Next time you load that newly saved character, he will not have misaligned cloth anymore.

By ifarkas - 2 Years Ago
Want to convert Professional Outfits-Cloth (PO) from CC1 to CC3+.
The reason I bought the PO add-on to create actors with minimal work.
  • I open PO_01.ccproject
  • Convert from CC1 to CC3+.
  • After the conversion, the actor looks OK.
  • Save the file into a new directory.
  • Open the saved file.
It looks awful (see attached image).
  • Is there a comparable CC3+ pack with professional suites, costumes, and related clothing accessories?
  • Is it possible to have a quick fix for PO that can be batched?