Perception Neuron 3
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By Kelleytoons - Last Year
I saw their link to the PN3 a few weeks ago, but the biggest advantage/issue I see is the system is wireless.

So -- no annoying wires in-between your various straps.  However, each sensor has to be removed and charged in a separate unit.  That is a royal PITA IMHO.  Putting each sensor in the various arrays each time would, to me, be a deal breaker.  Now, perhaps they retain their charge long enough (over the course of weeks) that it's not an issue, but I kind of doubt that, not with sensors that size.  It's likely you need to leave them in the charger and only take them out when using them (so they might last a few hours on their own then).

I can't even imagine doing this.  But some folks are more dedicated than I am.  I like just putting the suit on and it's ready to go.  One more step and I would never use it.

I agree with you the Rokoko suit monthly charge is the pits, though.  So I don't know what route I would go if I didn't already have two PN suits.
By animagic - Last Year
My problem is procrastination...Unsure

I didn't take advantage of getting Perception Neuron v2 for around $1500 a while ago, and when I looked yesterday, it's no longer available and PN 3 has been introduced.

It is more expensive, although there is an introductory offer of $1999. Gloves are $600. The gloves have only 3 sensors per hand, but according to the info, the IK algorithm makes all fingers visible.

I just bought an expensive computer, so this is though, and I may not be able to buy this right away. However, will PN3 be compatible with the iClone PN profile (which I have)?

I believe the required software is still free, so even though the full price is about the same as Rokoko, you don't have to pay per month just to stream. I've always found that kind of cheap from Rokoko.