Non-human like exported skeleton from CC3
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By mybadstudios - Last Year
Some more info:
I created a new project and exported the character immediately. Again, it had this weird skeletal structure.
I then exported it exactly as is but this time chose Maya instead of Unreal and this time the skeleton seemed to actually fit inside the body. Haven't tried importing it into Unreal yet as I don't know the differencebetween the Unreal and Maya export prefabs. Can someone please tell me what the difference between the two are?
By mybadstudios - Last Year
I export from CC3 and then import into UE4. When I triedto remap the skeleton I got this magled mess and wondered "Huh?"
So I opened the FBX in Blender to see if maybe I did something wrong in UE4 (still learning it, you see) and as you can see.... that don't look right, not one bit, no sirree
What the world could have gone wrong to cause THIS type of problem during export using the Unreal Engine export template?

As you can see, the skeleton looks fine until export and it's not like I applied a lot of changes to the character before export so what am I missing here ? Why can't I export my character properly?