Smart Gallery on Server?
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By Peter (RL) - Last Year

Please see the Smart Gallery manual page below. This should help.
By gordryd - Last Year
I appear to be one of the minority that actually likes using Smart Gallery.  I find being able to search and see all my content much faster/easier than using the Content tab in iClone/CC.
That being said, the latest RL newsletter touted "Central Access - Manage design assets from a central server." but I could find no mention of how to do this in either the manual or any of the tutorials.  To clarify, I would like to store my RL content on a local network drive in my house and be able to access it from 1 or more PC's (1 at a time, per the licensing agreement) so I don't have to duplicate content on all local PC drives.  The closest thing I could find seemed to be Exporting/Importing, but this seems like a lot more work than just having the contents show up when I open my RL programs -- is this possible?